Lifan Victor-R Classic 100

These bikes offer a unique blend of retro charm and modern performance, making them sought-after choices for riders. One such bike that has gained popularity in the Bangladesh motorcycle market is the Lifan Victor-R Classic 100. In this article, we will delve into the details of this budget-friendly café racer, exploring its specifications, key features, and more.

Bike Information

Bike Name: Victor-R Classic 100

Brand: Lifan

CC: 100

Regular Price: 85,000 TK

Bike Type: Commuter

Distributor/Seller: Rasel Industries Ltd

Model Year: N/A

Brand Origin: N/A

Made In: N/A

Assemble In: N/A

Lifan Victor-R Classic 100
Lifan Victor-R Classic 100

Engine Specifications

The heart of any motorcycle lies in its engine, and the Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 doesn’t disappoint in this department.

Engine Type: 4-Stroke Single Cylinder

Displacement: 97.78cc

Maximum Power: 8.04 Bhp @ 7500 RPM

Maximum Torque: 7.8 NM @ 6000 RPM

Bore: N/A

Stroke: N/A

Compression Ratio: N/A

Valves: N/A

Fuel Supply: Carburetor

No Of Cylinders: 1

Engine Cooling: Air Cooled

Starting Method: Kick & Electric

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The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 features a manual transmission with four gears.

Transmission Type: Manual

No Of Gears: 4

Clutch Type: Wet

Drive Type: N/A

Mileage & Top Speed

Fuel efficiency and top speed are vital considerations for any commuter bike.

Mileage: 60 Kmpl (Approx)

Top Speed: 90 Kmph (Approx)

Chassis & Suspension

A sturdy chassis and reliable suspension are crucial for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Chassis Type: N/A

Front Suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Twin Shock


The braking system is an essential safety feature in any motorcycle.

Front Brake Type: Drum Brake

Rear Brake Type: Drum Brake

Front Brake Diameter: N/A

Rear Brake Diameter: N/A

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): No

Braking System: N/A

Wheels & Tires

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 is equipped with wheels and tires suitable for both city commuting and occasional trips.

Front Tire Size: 2.50-17

Rear Tire Size: 2.75-17

Tire Type: Tubetyre

Wheel Type: Spoke Wheel


A well-proportioned motorcycle ensures comfort and stability during rides.

Overall Length: 1840 Mm

Overall Width: 800 Mm

Height: 1240 Mm

Ground Clearance: 160 Mm

Weight: 80 Kg

Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Liters

Wheelbase: 1200 Mm

Seat Height: 760 Mm


A reliable electrical system enhances the overall functionality of the bike.

Battery Type: Mf

Battery Voltage: 12v

Head Light: 12V 35/35W (Halogen)

Tail Light: Halogen

Indicators: Halogen

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The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 offers some noteworthy features that add to the overall appeal of the bike.

Speedometer: Analog

Odometer: Analog

RPM Meter: Digital

Handle Type: Pipe Handle Bar

Seat Type: Single-Seat

Passenger Grab Rail: Yes

Engine Kill Switch: Yes

Additional Feature: N/A


Please note that the information provided above is sourced from manufacturer websites and other reputed sources. While we strive for accuracy, some details may not be 100% accurate. If you find any mistakes or wrong information, please inform us.

Victor-R Classic 100 Overview

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 has earned a reputation for its classic café racer design and nimble performance. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.


  1. Classic Café Racer design: The bike boasts a timeless design that appeals to retro bike enthusiasts.
  2. Nimble and compact: Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it agile on city roads.
  3. Powerful: The engine’s output provides sufficient power for daily commuting.
  4. Front suspension: The telescopic front suspension offers improved ride comfort.


  1. Brakes: The dual drum brake setup may not meet the expectations of some riders.
  2. Rear Suspension: Some riders find the rear suspension to be too soft for bumpy roads.
  3. Rear Tyre: The rear tyre’s width could have been improved for better road grip.

Victor-R Classic 100 Price in Bangladesh

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 is a budget-friendly option for café racer enthusiasts. The bike’s price in Bangladesh is approximately 85,000 TK.

Victor-R Classic 100 Seat Height

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 features a seat height of 760 mm, as claimed by Lifan. Users also confirm the seat height to be 760 mm, ensuring comfort for riders of various heights.

Victor-R Classic 100 Mileage

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 offers an average mileage of 60 KMPL, as claimed by Lifan. User reviews also confirm the bike’s fuel efficiency at around 60 KMPL.

Victor-R Classic 100 Weight

The Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 has a claimed weight of 80 KG, making it one of the lightest bikes in the market. Users also confirm the bike’s weight at 80 KG.

Victor-R Classic 100 Top Speed

Lifan claims that the Victor-R Classic 100 can reach a top speed of 90 KMPH. User experiences align with this claim, supporting the bike’s impressive performance.


In conclusion, the Victor-R Classic 100 presents itself as an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly café racer with classic aesthetics and reasonable performance. Its blend of retro charm, comfortable design, and accessible price tag make it appealing to both beginner riders and classic bike enthusiasts.


1. What is the price of the Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 in Bangladesh?

The Victor-R Classic 100 is priced at approximately 85,000 TK in Bangladesh.

2. Does the Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 have an ABS system?

No, the Victor-R Classic 100 does not come with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

3. How much mileage does the Lifan Victor-R Classic 100 offer?

The Victor-R Classic 100 provides an average mileage of around 60 KMPL

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