Ktm rc 125 2022 price in bangladesh starts at bdt 5,24,900. The bike features a liquid-cooled engine, 14.5-liter fuel tank, and a host of advanced features including dual-channel abs, projector headlamps, and a fully digital instrument cluster.

The ktm rc 125 2022 is set to be a popular choice for motorbike enthusiasts in bangladesh. With its sleek design and powerful engine, the bike is sure to impress riders of all skill levels. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the ktm rc 125 2024 price in bangladesh and its features.

Whether you are looking for a sporty bike for daily commutes or long distance trips, the ktm rc 125 2022 is a great option to consider. So let’s dive in and explore this fantastic bike in detail!

Discover the Unbeatable KTM RC 125 2022 Price & Features in Bangladesh


The Design And Ergonomic Features Of The Ktm Rc 125 2024

The Aerodynamic Design Of The Ktm Rc 125 2024

The ktm rc 125 2022 is designed to perfection, with a focus on aerodynamics. The bike’s sporty design is not only visually stunning but also offers a range of benefits that make for a better riding experience. Here are some key points to note:

  • The aerodynamic design provides better stability at high speeds and reduces air drag, which contributes to better fuel efficiency.
  • The ultra-lightweight frame of the bike aids in better agility, allowing for swift turns and quick lane changes.
  • The bike’s cutting-edge fairings provide better wind protection for the rider, minimizing wind resistance and turbulence.

Comfortable Riding Experience

The ktm rc 125 2022 is built with the rider in mind. The bike’s design and ergonomics ensure that the rider can enjoy a comfortable riding experience, even on longer journeys. Here are a few key points to note:

  • The bike’s ergonomic design ensures that the seating position is optimal, reducing rider fatigue and providing better overall comfort.
  • The clip-on handlebars are adjustable, allowing for a customizable riding position that suits the rider’s preferences.
  • The bike’s suspension is tuned to perfection, offering a smooth ride on uneven terrain and minimizing bumps and jolts.

The Illumination And Instrument Cluster

The ktm rc 125 2022 boasts of a modern instrument cluster that is both easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. The bike also features advanced lighting technology to ensure maximum visibility in all riding conditions. Here are some key points to note:

  • The bike’s led headlights and taillights provide better illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and providing better visibility for the rider.
  • The digital instrument cluster is easy to read and displays all essential information such as speed, gear position, fuel level, etc.
  • The inclusion of a tachometer allows for better engine monitoring, ensuring that the bike is running smoothly at all times.

The ktm rc 125 2022 is the perfect blend of design and technology, offering a comfortable and exhilarating riding experience. Its aerodynamic design, comfortable ergonomics, and advanced lighting and instrumentation contribute to making it the best bike in its class.

The Powerful Engine And Performance Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and well-designed bikes in bangladesh. The latest features and upgrades make this bike an absolute must-have for everyone who’s a fan of speed and performance. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the engine and performance of this fantastic bike.

The Performance Stats Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 boasts some impressive performance stats, making it a top contender in its class. Here are some of its performance stats:

  • Max power output of 15 hp
  • Top speed of 120 km/h
  • Digital fuel injection system
  • Abs system for better braking performance
  • Lightweight frame and design for improved maneuverability

The Engine And Transmission System Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The engine and transmission system of the ktm rc 125 2022 have been updated to provide an even smoother and more efficient ride. Here are some of the key features of the engine and transmission system:

  • Liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine
  • Dohc (double overhead camshaft) technology for improved performance
  • Six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch for better control
  • Pasc (power assist slipper clutch) system for less rear-wheel chatter
  • Lightweight exhaust system for better sound and performance

Braking And Safety Features

The ktm rc 125 2022 comes equipped with some of the best braking and safety features available. Here are some of the features you’ll find on this bike:

  • Bosch single-channel abs (antilock braking system) for better stopping power and stability
  • Front and rear disc brakes for improved braking performance
  • High-performance tires for improved grip and handling
  • Led lighting system for better visibility in low-light conditions

The ktm rc 125 2022 is a bike with truly impressive features and performance stats. Its powerful engine and smooth transmission system make it an excellent choice for anyone who loves speed, while its advanced braking and safety features make it a safe and reliable option for riders of all levels.



Pricing And Financing Options For The Ktm Rc 125 2022 In Bangladesh

The Price Range Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022 In Bangladesh

Are you interested in buying the ktm rc 125 2022 motorbike in bangladesh but unsure of the costs? The pricing of this sport bike can vary slightly depending on your region and the dealership you visit. Below we list the general pricing range of the ktm rc 125 2022 in bangladesh:

  • The ex-showroom price ranges from bdt 590,000 to bdt 615,000
  • On-road price ranges from bdt 680,000 to bdt 725,000

Please note that the prices stated above are approximate and for general reference purposes only.

Financing Options Available For The Ktm Rc 125 2022 In Bangladesh

If you’re unable to pay the full price of the ktm rc 125 2022 upfront, there are financing options available to help you. Some dealerships in bangladesh may offer financing with attractive interest rates, allowing you to pay in installments over an extended period.

Below are some financing options you can explore:

  • Some dealerships may offer financing options with an interest rate of around 10-12% per annum.
  • You can also check with your local bank for personal loans that you can use to finance your ktm rc 125 2022 purchase.

After Sales Services And Warranties

When making a purchase, it’s crucial to consider the after-sales services offered by the dealership and the warranty provided for your bike. Investing in a ktm rc 125 2022 also means selecting a reputable dealership that will be able to provide you with the necessary maintenance and assistance services.

Below are some after-sales services and warranties to look out for:

  • Some dealerships offer a standard warranty of two years with the purchase of the ktm rc 125 2022.
  • Look out for the availability of after-sales services such as periodic maintenance services and roadside assistance, which can come in handy in the case of an emergency.
  • It’s also important to check if the dealer has a stock of spare parts and how well-equipped their after-sales service centers are to provide maintenance services.

Purchasing the ktm rc 125 2022 in bangladesh is a significant investment that requires thorough research and consideration. Be sure to compare prices, understand the financing options available, and select a reputable dealership to provide you with the best after-sales services and warranties possible.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 is an impressive sportbike model that has gained immense popularity in the motorcycle market. The motorcycle’s unique design and advanced features make it a top choice for many riders. However, before purchasing the ktm rc 125 2022, it is essential to understand its advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog post, we will cover the pros and cons of owning the ktm rc 125 2022, along with a comparison with other models in the market.

Pros Of Owning The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 has various advantages that make it an excellent choice for riders who value high-quality performance and design.

  • Stylish and unique design: The ktm rc 125 2022 has an aerodynamic design that is not only stylish but also unique, setting it apart from other sportbikes in the market.
  • Advanced features: The motorcycle is equipped with advanced features such as aluminum swingarm, upside-down fork, and a trellis frame, ensuring better handling and stability.
  • Powerful engine: The ktm rc 125 2022 has a 124.7cc single-cylinder engine that can deliver up to 15 horsepower and a top speed of 120 km/h.
  • Easy to handle: The motorcycle’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to handle, making it ideal for both novice and experienced riders.
  • Fuel-efficient: The ktm rc 125 2022 comes with a fuel injection system, which ensures fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making it an environment-friendly option.

Cons Of Owning The Ktm Rc 125 2022

Along with the advantages, the ktm rc 125 2022 has some drawbacks that potential buyers need to consider before deciding to purchase the motorcycle.

  • Expensive: Compared to other sportbikes in the market, the ktm rc 125 2022 is costly, making it unaffordable for many riders.
  • No pillion seat: The motorcycle does not come with a pillion seat, which means it is not suitable for riders who frequently carry a passenger.
  • Limited storage space: The ktm rc 125 2022 has limited storage space, which may be inconvenient for riders who need to carry luggage.
  • High maintenance cost: The motorcycle requires regular maintenance, which can be expensive, making it unsuitable for individuals on a tight budget.

Comparison With Other Models In The Market

Compared to other models in the market, the ktm rc 125 2022 has unique features that stand out. However, it also has both disadvantages and advantages that need to be carefully considered before making a purchase.

  • Comparison with yamaha r125: The yamaha r125 is a direct competitor of the ktm rc 125 2022. The yamaha r125 is cheaper and comes with advanced features such as variable valve timing, but it has less horsepower and a lower top speed compared to the ktm rc 125 2022.
  • Comparison with honda cbr 125r: The honda cbr 125r is another sportbike model that is comparable to the ktm rc 125 2022. While the cbr 125r has similar specifications, it has a less sophisticated design and is not as fuel-efficient as the ktm rc 125 2022.

The ktm rc 125 2022 motorcycle offers advanced features, a stylish design, and a powerful engine. However, it also has some disadvantages, including a high cost, limited storage space, and high maintenance costs. Potential buyers should consider these factors before making a purchase and comparing it to other models available in the market.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022 In Bangladesh

Customer Reviews And Experience Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 has been a popular model among motorcycle enthusiasts in bangladesh. Here are some of the customer reviews and experiences of the ktm rc 125 2022:

  • One rider mentioned that the ktm rc 125 2022 is a great bike for both commuting and long-distance travel. The bike is comfortable and powerful enough to handle different road conditions.
  • Another rider raved about the bike’s sleek and stylish design. The ktm rc 125 2022 turns heads wherever it goes.
  • A third rider mentioned that the bike is easy to handle, making it perfect for beginners who want to hone their riding skills.

User Feedback On The Features And Performance Of The Ktm Rc 125 2022

The ktm rc 125 2022 is equipped with a range of features that make it a top-performing motorcycle. Here is some user feedback on the bike’s features and performance:

  • The ktm rc 125 2022 has a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that delivers smooth, responsive power. Riders love the bike’s acceleration and top speed capabilities.
  • The bike’s suspension system is also top-notch, providing a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads and uneven terrains. Riders appreciate how easily they can maneuver the bike when faced with obstacles on the road.
  • The ktm rc 125 2022 has a high-tech instrument panel that displays essential information such as speed, fuel level, and engine temperature. Riders find the display easy to read even in bright sunlight.

The Customer Support Of Ktm In Bangladesh

Ktm has always been known for providing excellent customer support around the world, and bangladesh is no exception. Here are some of the ways ktm supports its customers in bangladesh:

  • Ktm has a large network of authorized dealers and service centers in bangladesh, making it easy for customers to find assistance whenever they need it.
  • The company also provides comprehensive after-sales support, including regular maintenance, spare parts, and accessories. This ensures that ktm customers can continue to enjoy their bikes for years to come.
  • Ktm bangladesh also offers training and support for riders of all skill levels. This includes beginner-level training for those who are just starting out, as well as advanced training for experienced riders who want to push their skills to the limit.

The ktm rc 125 2022 has received positive reviews from customers in bangladesh for its style, performance, and ease of use. Ktm’s commitment to customer support in bangladesh has made it a popular choice among riders looking for a high-quality motorcycle that can handle any road condition.

Where To Purchase The Ktm Rc 125 2022 In Bangladesh

The ktm rc 125 2022 is a sporty motorbike that has garnered a lot of fanfare in bangladesh. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or a newbie rider looking to make a statement on your ride, the ktm rc 125 2022 is the perfect machine for you.

In this section of the article, we’ll tell you where to purchase this bike, including the availability of accessories and spare parts in bangladesh.

The Authorized Ktm Store In Bangladesh

The ktm rc 125 2022 is available for purchase at an authorized dealer near you. The company has authorized numerous dealerships in bangladesh that sell this magnificent sportbike. Some of these dealerships include:

  • Ktm dhaka
  • Ktm chittagong
  • Ktm rajshahi
  • Ktm bogra

The Convenience Of Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a popular and convenient way of purchasing items in bangladesh. If you prefer shopping online, you can buy the ktm rc 125 2022 from online stores such as:

  • Ktm official bangladesh online store
  • Bikroy.com
  • Daraz.com.bd

By purchasing online, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home while getting your ktm rc 125 2022 delivered straight to your doorstep.

Availability Of Ktm Rc 125 2022 Accessories And Spare Parts In Bangladesh

Keeping your ktm rc 125 2022 in good condition is essential if you want it to serve you well. You’ll need to have access to spare parts and accessories when your bike needs servicing or replacement parts. Fortunately, bangladesh has an abundance of ktm rc 125 2022 accessories and spare parts.

These include:

  • Ktm authorized dealerships
  • Online stores such as daraz.com.bd
  • Local bike markets

Ktm accessories and spare parts are readily available in bangladesh, so you can be sure to enjoy your ride and keep your bike in top-notch condition.

If you’re looking to purchase the ktm rc 125 2022 in bangladesh, you can find it at authorized dealerships or online stores such as ktm official bangladesh online store. You can also access ktm rc 125 2022 accessories and spare parts easily in bangladesh, making maintenance of your bike a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ktm Rc 125 2022 Price In Bangladesh And Features

What Is The Price Of Ktm Rc 125 In Bangladesh?

As of 2022, the price of ktm rc 125 in bangladesh is around bdt 6,50,000.

What Is The Engine Capacity Of Ktm Rc 125?

The engine capacity of ktm rc 125 is 124. 7 cc.

What Is The Top Speed Of Ktm Rc 125?

The top speed of ktm rc 125 is 117 km/h.

What Are The Features Of Ktm Rc 125 2022?

The features of ktm rc 125 2022 include slipper clutch, steel trellis frame, and led headlight.

Is Ktm Rc 125 Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, ktm rc 125 is suitable for beginners who are interested in sports bikes.


The ktm rc 125 2022 is a state-of-the-art bike with stunning features that make it an ideal choice for racing enthusiasts and casual riders alike. The design of this bike is modern and sleek, with its advanced technical features, comfortable seating, and eye-catching graphics.

Its engine performance is remarkable, and it provides a smooth riding experience on both urban and suburban roads. Given its features, the ktm rc 125 2022 price in bangladesh is reasonable, making it an affordable choice for many riders. The ktm rc 125 2022 is a top-of-the-line bike that offers a perfect balance of style, performance, and affordability.

If you are a fan of powerful and stylish bikes, the ktm rc 125 2022 is definitely worth considering. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own one of the best and most affordable bikes on the market today.

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