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Sena 10c Pro Bluetooth Headset As Well As Electronic Camera

The outcome was that it was off the road and partially in cover when the SENA in fact took the photo. As with any type of brand-new technology I review there’s an unpleasant duration of modification where I have to discover to adjust to the item’s “quirks”. The period of that period is what I base my easy to use ranking upon. The 10C Pro took a little obtaining made use of to, however I had it ironed out after regarding 3 days of usage. Normally, I went for the complete 64GB choice since I do not wish to take the chance of lacking storage room.

The first time the sound high quality was very good and also the range was decent yet not as strong as with the 30K, especially when challenges were present. Making use of the WiFi is smarter and simpler to pull reduced resolution videos and photos off the cam. I can then view them on my phone, AirDrop them to close-by good friends, as well as publish them to social networks or my Google Drive.

Currently, the sound top quality of the 10C Pro audio speakers leaves something to be preferred on the bass and also total clearness front. While the audio top quality is okay when riding below 70 mph (113 km/h), the speaker audio will certainly get completely drowned out by outside noise over such speed. Remember that there will certainly be a tiny hold-up with what you see on the mobile phone display, yet that is fairly typical. No application of such type is best when it involves perfect connection as well as input delay.

Additionally, you can tape-record videos in a time-lapse mode, which will certainly snap a picture every 2nd or every 10 seconds, creating a fast-forward video clip impact. The wide-angle field of view is also rather beneficial for this setup. By default, the cam of the Sena 10C Pro has a fish-eye field of vision (135-degree field of vision). This can be both good or bad, depending upon just how you fire video clips. Regretfully, there is no chance to alter the field of view, an attribute most modern action electronic cameras have.

  • The 10C Pro is outfitted with enhanced electronic camera specs, capturing in crisp 2K QHD with a resolution of 3.68 MP and a raised 135 degree field of vision.
  • I believe lots of people won’t make the effort to review the handbook prior to giving up on tools like these.
  • IRVINE, Calif.– Sena Technologies, Inc. announces the release of the very anticipated 10C Pro integrated video camera and communication tool.

What I liked concerning the original 10C was the “done in one device” aspect. Voice interactions appeared to function great except when I was out of line of sight or beyond one-mile restriction range. It’s camera captured some respectable photos and video clips, specifically considering it was a little helmet-mounted system. Back in 2014 I obtained a 10C, a pretty awesome helmet cam with incorporated voice interactions as well as the ability to connect with 3 various other riders.

Low level you will not hear anything taking place outside the helmet, while this video was fired with it at the tool level. As soon as I had the 10C Pro installed in the helmet and also paired to my apple iphone with the application running I started the procedure of obtaining the angle leveled on the field of view. I like this feature, but notice occasionally the connection isn’t always 100% when I put the helmet on and also start up the system. The proof of this is that occasionally only the appropriate audio speaker works till I wiggle the circuitry where it links to the video camera. Doing that will immediately bring the left speaker back to life. This is the very best way to wirelessly draw pictures and video clips off the 10C Pro along with making modifications to settings considering that lots of people don’t bring laptops with them out on the bike.

Additionally, the headset includes Advanced Noise Control, music sharing, built-in FM radio tuner, simple operation with functional jog dial, an exterior antenna, and also a smart device application for apple iphone and Android. With Bluetooth 4.1 modern technology, the unibody design is water immune and also the firmware is indefinitely upgradeable. On top of that, the headset includes Advanced Sound Control, songs sharing, built-in FM radio receiver, easy procedure with a versatile jog dial, an outside antenna, and a smartphone app for iPhone and also Android. With functional video clip modes and multi-functioning pictures modes, the Sena 10 C Pro can be operated in numerous means.

Another awesome function is the time gap mode that can be readied to break a photo every second or every 10 secs. To not miss out on constant video recording, put it on “Loophole Recording” mode, which will continually tape-record video clips of a designated length of time. If the memory reaches maximum, the earliest video is instantly removed to save one of the most current footage.

Perhaps the only point worth keeping in mind is the capacity to save approximately 10 radio terminals. When taking photos with the 10C Pro, the majority of the pictures will have an impractical distance represented. For instance, most topics in the images you take with the 10C Pro will certainly look 2 times further away than what they truly are. Sena declares that their 10C Pro headset has a maximum intercom range of 1 mile. Their claims hold true, but keep in mind that particular disturbances such as various other lorries, buildings, rich woodlands, and also high hillsides might interrupt this signal. For a better check out our full product line in action, consisting of handy tutorials, head over to our YouTube channel.

Premium Interaction As Well As Quad Hd Quality Pictures

The 10C Pro features the convenient Audio Multitasking ™ function. Cyclists will certainly be able to take pleasure in speaking over the Bluetooth intercom while all at once hearing an extra sound source, such as songs or general practitioner. With the previous 10C, users would certainly have to by hand change from Bluetooth intercom setting to their various other audio resource. So our YouTube advertising and marketing male Izach determined it was time to take out all the stop and also do one of his un-boxing video clips. Simply to be onward he likes to add his unique touches to the video clip.

Total I actually like the total arrangement, particularly the phone, and audio speaker configuration. Leveraging our longstanding style and development expertise, Sena has actually partnered with lots of other manufacturers to bring Bluetooth communication to a wide range of brands and also sellers. Sena’s products are supplied worldwide with its global network of representatives, retailers and also OEM partners.

If you have actually had the camera turned on for more than 5 minutes SENA goes to sleep in order to save your battery life. She allows you know about this by saying “Cam Off” which is very polite, but irritating and also often surprising if you have actually ignored her and also are imagining when she announces naptime. I waited as well lengthy to press the camera button to obtain a photo of the porcupine after I solved close to it.

This one legitimately fills up that specific niche while recording in Continuous Loophole setting. In order to begin logging video/photos, I required to install a memory card in the camera for storage. The electronic camera will not function at all unless you mount a conventional Micro SD card which SENA does not include with the 10C Pro acquisition. I completely evaluated the Bluetooth 4.1 capability of this device to play music from my phone playlists, tune right into FM radio, connect to GPS, and the dash display on my KTM 790 Experience. As soon as you have actually utilized the application to efficiently attach to the 10C Pro you can show what the cam sees on your phone in real-time, though there is a minor delay when you check out. Yet, this trouble has even more to do with the general audio seclusion of the safety helmet.

  • I see a big renovation over the years he a natural entertainer.
  • When you have actually used the app to efficiently connect to the 10C Pro you can display what the cam sees on your phone in real-time, though there is a minor delay when you look around.
  • We will send you a Return Consent Number, along with the place to send the item.
  • Perhaps the only point worth noting is the capability to save approximately 10 radio terminals.

With whatever under warranty, I will certainly begin fresh with a new system and also see what occurs. I hope they will certainly exercise these kinks in their new releases, due to the fact that I like this product. After one more 10,000 miles on the demo system, the microphone is beginning to snap again. I’m pretty sure the perpetrator is the link point with the device. Like all Sena products it is firmware upgradableand comes with Sena’s industry-leading two-year warranty. The 10C Pro is currently offered on BuySena.com, as well as with our international network of dealers.

During all my screening I never ever even came close, also when recording and also saving videos filmed in the richest 1440p x 30 fps setting. It’s a fairly silent safety helmet and it fits me better than most various other safety helmets on the market. The audio speaker pockets in the padding align flawlessly with my ears and I discover now I can hear the songs or general practitioner clearly up until I get closer to the 90mph mark. I located it very easy to accomplish in either helmet utilizing the clamp style place. I did have to carve out a small section of the cheek pad plastic in the Arai in order to pass the electrical wiring with from the cam to the earphones as well as microphone set up inside the helmet. At times I ran into a strange pixelation result occurring when I moved my head with the camera proactively showing on my phone, yet this was quite unusual and disappeared after a couple of minutes.

The 10C Pro is furnished with boosted electronic camera requirements, capturing in crisp 2K QHD with a resolution of 3.68 MP and an enhanced 135 degree field of view. Unlike Sena cam gadgets of the past, cyclists will certainly currently have the capacity to sneak peek their shot on their smart device utilizing the Sena Video camera App. The 10C Pro additionally has bigger memory abilities, supporting Micro SD cards approximately 64GB and also features Smart Audio Mix, blending sound from the intercom and also songs from your smartphone directly into your video. The 10C Pro is the very best tool currently available for vlogger and also action sporting activities lovers. You obtain HD video as well as photo capacity, lengthy battery life as well as user-friendly controls coupled with suitable develop top quality. It acts as an in-helmet communication system additionally by linking to your phone, GPS or various other Bluetooth systems to boost your bike riding experience.

Sena 10c Pro Bluetooth Bike Helmet Camera

If you have a bike helmet that isolates wind sound quite well, you can hear clear sound using the speakers up to 90 miles per hour of speed (145 km/h). First off, we recommend you download the Sena Cam App to control the video camera includes correctly. The cam lens is quite subtle as well as has a plastic cover on it. You can also see a red area on the top of the lens cap that suggested the top of the photo that the cam will certainly tape-record.

Enjoys to do a long bike trip below in a while to refurbish. This is a brand-new item that isn’t Enter your e-mail address below to be alerted when this item is available. Our goal is to provide the best feasible purchasing experience to every fanatic who checks out RevZilla. With twenty years of technical development experience behind us, Sena continues to produce innovative interaction services for 2-wheel as well as outdoor fanatics worldwide. We currently anticipate pleasing the demands of our customers and companions via the following two decades and also beyond.

Some people took care of to ride with it in torrential rainstorms end have no problems with the headset itself. Below are some of the additional features of the Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth headset/action cam crossbreed. Still, we need to state that we are pleased with Sena, as they put in an action electronic camera in a Bluetooth headset and also didn’t ruin the Bluetooth as well as intercom capabilities. I consent on having a 1-stop purchase video/communications as well as cam. Stablizing is needed for this camera while in video clip mode and also the cable power link place is not matched for high winds.

A cutting side 2K camera and communication system with WiFi capability, allowing riders to see and download footage to their smart device instantly. Equipped with upgraded 2K bike helmet electronic camera requirements, the 10C Pro shoots in crisp, high quality high definition, in addition to an increased field of vision. The 10C Pro likewise includes Smart Audio Mix ™, which mixes audio from the intercom as well as songs from your smart device directly right into your video clip.

After that I plugged it into my laptop computer to do an update on the firmware. I ‘d read some blog posts online from frustrated 10C proprietors about their devices being hard to collaborate with together with reliability concerns. I don’t place a lot of rely on those to be sincere because typically I find the bellyaching is overblown or rooted in user error. I assume many individuals will not make the effort to check out the guidebook prior to surrendering on tools like these. I did just recently find SENA makes a Bluetooth Sound Pack to in theory boost sound gathering for GoPro cams that possibly I can utilize to address one of the 3 major issues I have with it. Intro Schuberth E1 Headgear from Schuberth gives journey motorcyclists a safety helmet that can execute when they require it.

Also at that, it’s footage I still intend on making use of in my forthcoming MotoZ Tractionator Experience Tires evaluation. The electronic camera provides a 135-degree field of vision whether taping video clip or breaking photos. This is both a blessing and also a curse depending upon what you’re going with.

I likewise have a torn microphone cord as a result of the abuse I have actually placed it through. All things thought about, I ‘d say the initial 10C has stood up pretty good. If my 10C battery decides to go out quicker than when it was new, I might still plug it into a mobile battery or run power from the bike’s USB to keep it to life. I can additionally bring along spare 32G micro SD cards to proceed catching all the fun times. OR … I might simply update to the more recent, updated 10C Pro with its fresh battery and also larger storage ability. I need to state, I have actually done lots of miles both on- as well as off-road with a dropping of “get offs” in the dust, mud, as well as sand– as well as it hasn’t completely failed me yet.

  • We just did a video testimonial for the all new Motorbike Headgear Sena 10c pro Bluetooth Headset with Electronic Camera.
  • You can do just the same adjustments utilizing your phone application as you can on the laptop computer application.
  • We now eagerly anticipate pleasing the needs of our consumers and companions via the next two decades and also beyond.

That adds a lot more time to the process of catching a fleeting moment while out when driving. I wish the camera had also a small amount of internal memory to utilize, just in instance I ever forget to place the flash memory card in and miss my chance to tape-record video of, for instance, a Sasquatch encounter. I haven’t taken care of to neglect it yet, however I’ve seen it occur lot of times to my Papa with his Canon Quickshot electronic camera.

It’s a tiny plastic cover kept the lens by absolutely nothing other than the pressure behind the lens. This can make the circumstance of losing this plastic cover quite sensible in 99% of situations. When it concerns microphone sound high quality, the 10C Pro’s outside microphone fares rather well. That’s mainly due to the assimilation of flexible levels, with levels suggesting how much ambient noise gets gotten as well as videotaped on the video clip. One of the most crucial thing is that the recording audio isn’t uneven. Still, it’s good to see that Sena has progressed sound cancellation at play with these audio speakers, a function that reduces down history sound when paying attention to music or talking with somebody.

As soon as you sustain its 3,5-hour cost time, you can expect 2 hrs of continual capturing and also 17 hours of chatting time. The 10C Pro will enter into rest mode after 5 minutes of camera usage to save battery life. Sena has paid added like make the 10C Pro headset much more sturdy against the elements as it has an activity camera onboard.

The weight of the Sena 10C Pro headset is remarkably reduced at 90 grams, specifically when you consider that it is a Bluetooth headset and an action electronic camera in one plan. From appearances alone, it looks even more like a Bluetooth headset than an activity cam, assisting with its subtle combination with your motorbike safety helmet. Capable of tape-recording video clip quality of as much as 1440p while serving as a communication system with up to three various other Sena Bluetooth Intercom customers. Sena Headset Application enables you to configure gadget setups and access an interactive Flying start Overview. Another phone application manageable alternative is “Smart Sound Mix” which permits you to videotape not only your conversations with the other riders, but you can have your favored music in the background.

The problem is there’s absolutely nothing holding it on the video camera other than a pressure fit as well as the cap is little as well as very easy to go down when you pull it off to take pictures. If I had actually spoken during any of this action it would have been recorded on the video as well. This puts on babble originating from various other riders connected to your headset using Bluetooth pairing also. The small red bar painted on the edge of the lens cap border shows the top of the photo the video camera will certainly record.

Sena Service Warranty

Advanced noise cancellation innovation helps to reduce roadway, engine and exhaust noise. Combine your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to make hands-free calls, pay attention to songs and also GPS navigating. The other massive improvement is the ability to sneak peek video and also download documents to my phone using the new Sena Cam Application. With the Pro, I can preview my camera lens angle and also ensure I have actually got it mounted perfectly prior to laying out. With this app, you can download and install low-grade versions of video clips as well as photos you shot to your mobile phone.

It offers you a camera system with a piggybacked Bluetooth communicator, which is a must-have for me. It used to be you ‘d need to buy 2 or 3 devices to get the exact same efficiency, yet 10C pro has everything incorporated into one. It’s almost like having a SENA Prism cam and also an SMH 10 in one real estate for a bit much less cash. Now that I’m effectively equipped you ought to be seeing a lot more video clip evaluations from me going forward. Suppose we told you that there is a remarkable, motorcycle helmet-friendly Bluetooth headset that you can get for just $50? The fee time is manageable as the battery has more capability than your normal Bluetooth comm gadget.

I see a big improvement throughout the years he a natural performer. WBW offers subjective viewpoints and also information on hard-to-find and also distinct motorcycling products. We put products via extensive screening and also don’t keep back with our criticism when the review is lastly written. Recalling I can confirm that we have actually offered SENA a little a harsh trip in the past throughout previous reviews of their products. SENA needs to make a new variation of lens cap equipped with a magnetic or velcro retainer on the side of the camera body.

British Motorbike Gear Experience Coat

Get answers to your questions, reviewed product-specific FAQs, and watch video clips that will certainly aid you understand the features and also features of your Sena item. We simply did a video clip review for the all brand-new Motorbike Safety helmet Sena 10c professional Bluetooth Headset with Electronic Camera. Hillery Motorsports got lots of requested to see what remained in side the box.

Normally, I’m never ever delighted with the volume, clarity, and especially bass in any Bluetooth headset. In the initial headgear where I set up the 10C Pro, that held true. It’s simply not good enough to hear clearly over the 70mph mark. You can also change the setups on the 10C Pro utilizing this app on the laptop as you can see in the photo listed below. So you understand up front, there are still some problems with the 10C Pro that I’ll break down in this evaluation. SENA sent me this 10C Pro unit absolutely free for this testimonial.

Sena Energy Pro Headgear Evaluation

Yet in the last few months, now and then, I’ve had to return the 32G mini SD card to obtain the unit to re-recognize it. In all, as I said above, I am very delighted with my 10C Pro, the video clip quality is what I expect and also I can deal with the ‘fish eye’ in article manufacturing when essential. I used it in a downpour tornado without any problem the 2nd time I took it out on the roadway. Much like every various other SENA item I have actually reviewed, it wasn’t terrified of rainfall one bit. You can listen to the noises of traffic passing me, engine sound, tire gripe and so on since the 10C Pro has an outside microphone on it made use of to pick up ambient noise as well as record it on the video clip.

We’ve signed up with chosen associate programs which will enable us to put promotions for select bike and motorcycle-related item merchants on the website. Obtain all the most effective motorbike information, reviews as well as offers supplied to your inbox weekly. It’s a really different style and might fix this problem we have actually had. I have actually had mine for a number of months currently and also despite the fact that I have love/hate partnership with SENA I like my 10C Pro significantly. I agree with your remark that the App is a little unstable at times and also indeed, I’m on my 2nd lens cap today.

Having stated that, I did record a couple of really spectacular shots with it seen below. As stated, this isn’t simply an electronic camera, though that’s largely what it’s constructed to be. As recommended, I first charged the system totally which took a couple of hrs.


You can utilize the large red button on the phone screen to take photos or start/stop recording video when connected such as this, as opposed to making use of the camera button situated in addition to the 10C Pro housing. Similar to the majority of various other Sena headsets, the 10C Pro supplies a voice control system that you can utilize to does headset activities. With this specific headset, the major addition is that you can really execute action camera procedures with your voice, keeping you extra focused on the road before you. Once you attach the application to your mobile phone, the video/photo capturing screen looks very comparable to your smart device camera interface. You have a huge red button for recording, you can toggle in between image and video capturing, and also you can alter the resolution as well as framerate of the video to be recorded.

Camera Rest Mode

I can not honestly consider a time I would certainly desire an off-kilter photo or video clip, however perhaps I’m just not creative enough. This took me a few efforts as you can see from the video clip as well as pictures below. They’re all cocked slightly because I really did not twist completion cap of the camera lens to adequately compensate for the slope of the angle on the safety helmet’s covering it mounts to.

The only problem is that the present supply of 10C Pro electronic cameras is means under the degree of need, so I won’t be getting a substitute camera as soon as possible. It’s not immediate at this point due to the fact that as currently mentioned also this permanently entombed dust isn’t appearing in any photos yet. Nothing is what occurred despite a load a lot more use the electronic camera till I recently used it in Idaho at the Klim Cow Tagz Rally.

We wish to explain that you won’t have the ability to take pictures or record video clips up until you do not set up a MicroSD card inside the headset itself. There is no internal memory whatsoever, as well as Sena unfortunately does not consist of a memory card in the bundle. When it concerns universal intercom pairing, we faced some troubles when coupling with non-Sena devices. Often you may attach conveniently to various sorts of Bluetooth headsets, and also the second time you might have some issues keeping that.

This is the main difference in between the old 10C and the new Pro. I went this course when I started shooting video clip in 1440p because it took too lengthy to download it through Wi-fi as well as I often lack space on my image as well as video-clogged apple iphone. As you can see in the screenshot above the SENA Camera application benefits any kind of SENA device with an incorporated electronic camera. On the 10C Pro, you have to go into your WiFi setups as well as attach to the 10C Pro as opposed to using Bluetooth. The Lithium-Polymer battery that the 10C Pro headset features has a surprisingly long single cost, considering it’s essentially a Bluetooth headset as well as an activity cam in one plan. Still, we have to state one gripe we have with the overall sturdiness, as well as it relates to the activity cam component.

As a Bluetooth headset, the 10C Pro functions fairly well with its large intercom range, simple pairing with Sena gadgets, and support for approximately 4 bikers in one intercom session. First of all, this is an excellent purchase for all you hobbyist motovloggers out there that wish to remain connected with your team of cyclists at the very same time. You will save money and time if you choose to acquire an action electronic camera, but still, the electronic camera features aren’t better than the majority of various other activity electronic cameras. But, if you wish to change angles and document at 4K, you will need to get a separate action video camera. The Sena 10C Pro leaves a lot to be wanted when it pertains to taking photos, whether it’s the low quality of the 3.7 MP pictures or the distorted look in all the pictures because of the wide-angle lens impact. Taking pictures is certainly the weakest area of this Bluetooth headset/action video camera hybrid.

This video clip discusses the installment procedure of the Sena 10C Pro! This headset comes with boom and wired microphones, as well as its securing kit needs to be sufficient for a lot of motorbike headgears. Bear in mind that you will require to reduce a little bit of plastic at the cheek pad location at some headgears if you want the audio speaker wires to fit inside the safety helmet itself. IRVINE, Calif.– Sena Technologies, Inc. reveals the launch of the extremely expected 10C Pro integrated camera and also interaction device. The 10C Pro loads upgraded cam specs along with the communication includes Sena individuals recognize and also enjoy.

Return things need to be in original problem including product packaging with all original accessories, guidebooks and tags. Recommend this item to close friends by entering up to four complete e-mail addresses. [newline] It comes in at the same price point of the original, yet what’s brand-new and also enhanced? Allow’s highlight a few of the brand-new functions and upgrades and let you make a decision. First of all many thanks for the comprehensive as well as sincere testimonial of the SENA 10C Pro. I was informed it definitely would be fixed or replaced even though the dust had not been impacting the video camera’s efficiency.

If the item is utilized or defective, after that coverage is offered by the manufacturer’s warranty which does not consist of return delivery to Radio Motorcyclist. Considering that some makers deal straight with the consumers for guarantee problems, Radio Rider may put consumers in contact with the producers and also can aid with the return procedure. Return using your very own delivery technique – review over standards to guarantee the item is returnable. We will send you a Return Permission Number, along with the location to send the thing.

I have actually been looking for a means to dependably shoot sharp video clips with clear audio while out screening bikes because I started creating for wBW a couple of years earlier. I have not had the ability to determine which devices I required to do it. This is quite an unmissable added feature for the majority of Bluetooth headsets, whether you make a decision to utilize it or not– absolutely nothing too groundbreaking right here.

It needs to additionally have a tiny tether on it to make sure that when you pop it off while riding it will not fall on the road and bounce away right into the ditch. The retainer might hold the cap out of the way till you’re completed making use of the video camera then be replaced to secure the glass. I thought for sure it would jeopardize any type of video clip or photos taken– only it still hasn’t even up to now! The dirt is still trapped within, but I haven’t seen any type of difference on the video or pictures taken. I do discover that after using the 10C Pro even intermittently for video as well as images over an 8 hr duration it will certainly suspend cam usage but enable the communicator to keep working.

I think lots of people will be stunned to hear that when I adapted to the sleepy camera hold-up and also fisheye lens problems I have actually been truly pleased with the 10C Pro efficiency. It hasn’t struggled with any technical concerns whatsoever as well as has offered me what I desired essentially. You can defeat this issue by just connecting in the 10C Pro while utilizing it! I rapidly learned to connect mine right into the 12V aux plug on the dashboard of my 790 Experience and so have not missed out on catching a shot since. I expect it wouldn’t be hard to chop the altered sides off photos throughout editing and enhancing.